About Us


Our Story

In 1995, W. Curtis Maloney and Glenn Sweesy formed W.C. Maloney, Inc. to be a leader in demolition services in California. For 20 years prior, Curt and Glenn worked--both independently and as a team--within the demolition industry as operators, project managers, estimators, and owners. Initially, W.C. Maloney's focus was on Public Works projects, specializing in bridge demolition along California's developing highway system. Since that time, W.C. Maloney has expanded its capabilities to include a full complement of heavy and internal demolition, site-clearing, and saw cutting & core drilling services.

Today, with more than 100 years of combined experience, the Estimators, Project Managers and Structural Engineers of W.C. Maloney provide a level of expertise unsurpassed by any firm based in northern California.

Who We Are

W.C. Maloney handles the most difficult and complex demolition projects. We are skilled at meeting the exacting specifications of public sector customers at the state, county, and city levels, as well as military installations. As a subsidiary of Precizion Partners, we are working to optimize our technology platforms so we can deliver greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients. For example, we use a comprehensive project management platform designed specifically for demolition and abatement subcontractors. It enables us to run our business and communicate with our teams on a single interface, from daily reports and on-site communications to work order changes and safety management.

We hold a State of California "A" license as a General Contractor, as well as a "C-21" license as a demolition contractor. We control our own workforce and own most of our own equipment, so we can respond to your needs promptly and efficiently. With more than 60 highly trained union Operating Engineers and Laborers, W.C. Maloney offers its customers access to a flexible core team that adjusts to peak time needs for a full complement of demolition and related services. Simply put, W.C. Maloney is always ready, willing, and able to handle a wide variety of demolition, site-clearing, and saw cutting needs.

Our Culture

Our greatest asset? Our team. We recognize that our people are a top value to our customers and have created an environment that provides a fulfilling and sustainable work experience for all of our teams.

When you speak with any team member, you’ll get a sense of the pride built from a place that prioritizes safety and promotes continuous improvement of skills and knowledge.

Learn more about our code of ethics and business conduct here.

What Our Customers Say

In an age of environmental awareness, W.C. Maloney is proud to be a leader among demolition firms in recycling and recovery.

By maximizing the volume of materials that are recycled, W.C. Maloney not only reduces the amount dumped in area landfills but also minimizes the project fees related to hauling and disposing of debris.

We contracted W.C. Maloney to demolish half of a duplex unit because they provided the most reasonable price. The way they performed their service was very good. They took care of everything and left with no issues. — Dean S.


Licenses & Classifications

C-21 - Building Moving/Demolition Contractor | A - General Engineering Contractor
License # 718243

PALS — Our Trusted Affiliate

W.C. Maloney works synergistically with our sister company Professional Asbestos and Lead Services, LLC (PALS) on post-demolition remediation services. Both are Precizion Partner companies.
California license #700658 | DOSH #557 | DTSC #33364