We Put Safety First

Demolition jobs can create hazards that take precise planning, training, and teamwork to ensure a successful accident-free job. The safety and well-being of our employees and customers has always been our highest priority.

As one of the first in the industry to commit to safety with dedicated, full-time safety experts, we have established ourselves as an industry leader. We ensure every project follows proper safety protocols executed by our dedicated safety experts.

It takes a team to have a successful safety program from top to bottom. Our management team is deeply involved in safety planning. Each job requires the Safety Director and Project Manager to discuss the task, hazards, and safety of their project. A Demo Task Hazard Analysis (DTHA) is developed for each project and is reviewed and signed off by the site foreman or lead before any work begins.

This plan is discussed with the field each morning, so the crew members understand all the hazards and how to mitigate those hazards. We believe all incidents are preventable with proper training and planning and our industry-leading safety performance is just one measure of our success in this area.

W.C Maloney takes numerous steps to provide training to all employees. We do an extensive new hire orientation for all new employees. We also provide in-house training to certify our employees on different training subjects to meet OSHA standards. We are constantly striving to create a stronger safety program and culture and keep up with OSHA regulations as they update and change. We continue to be proactive to maintain a good safety record overall.

You have our commitment that safety will always be our number one priority.