C.T. Brayton and Sons

W.C. Maloney is Northern California’s premiere source for turnkey, professional demolition. Demolition jobs can be dangerous, so at W.C. Maloney, safety is the number one priority.

C.T. Brayton and Sons is a leading General Contractor in the San Joaquin Valley that has worked with W.C. Maloney for nearly 15 years. Ross Brayton, a Project Manager at C.T. Brayton and Sons, says, “The biggest thing in our industry is safety, and W.C. Maloney is always safe. They pride themselves on that and always making sure the job site is not a mess when they leave. Their work is cleanly done.”

Recently, C.T. Brayton and Sons hired W.C. Maloney for a project at Manteca High School. W.C. Maloney effectively demolished the school’s existing pool before C.T. Brayton and Sons came in to complete the remodel.

Although most of C.T. Brayton and Sons’ work is for local school districts, they also have industrial and medical projects—they frequently hire W.C. Maloney for those as well. W.C. Maloney excels at all sorts of demolition, from interior to exterior, concrete to asphalt, and more. According to Ross, “their team is professional, handles things well, and gets the job done.”

C.T. Brayton and Sons also utilizes W.C. Maloney’s partner company, PALS, for remediation. PALS expertly handles the removal of hazardous material and lead abatement.

When asked what both companies do best, Ross says, “Everything! From office and field staff to their safety program, they do a great job. W.C. Maloney and PALS take pride in their work and it shows. They’re great at what they do.”

C.T. Brayton and Sons is a leading General Engineering Building and Contractor in the San Joaquin Valley since 1946. Learn more about them here.