Storie and Severson

Ron Scott of Storie and Severson hired W.C. Maloney for saw cutting, demolition, tree removal, and more. He says they’re “the best in the country.” When asked about their quality of work, Ron laughs and says, “Considering its demo, I’d say they’re pretty good at tearing stuff down.”

Currently, Storie and Severson is working with W.C. Maloney on a large warehouse project in San Jose. This warehouse will be taken possession of by Amazon once the demolition and remodel project is complete. Because of prior positive experiences working together, Storie and Severson hired W.C. Maloney as a demolition subcontractor.

This year-long project is ongoing and requires constant communication. As the superintendent on this project, Ron has direct communication with W.C. Maloney. It is imperative that this project stays on-time and on-budget, so the two companies meet to discuss day-to-day demolition ops, scheduling, and project management. Ron and W.C. Maloney work closely together to complete each phase on time.

When asked what W.C. Maloney does best, Ron stated “Attitude, customer relations, great work in the field.” He continues, “The people in the field are always a joy to be around. Good people all the way around. Never had anyone on my site say bad words about them. Love their manpower, and they’re just good people.”

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