Storie and Severson

Ron Scott of Storie and Severson hired W.C. Maloney for saw cutting, demolition, tree removal, and more. He says they’re “the best in the country.” When asked about their quality of work, Ron laughs and says, “Considering its demo, I’d say they’re pretty good at tearing stuff down.”

Currently, Storie and Severson is working with W.C. Maloney on a large warehouse project in San Jose. This warehouse will be taken possession of by Amazon once the demolition and remodel project is complete. Because of prior positive experiences working together, Storie and Severson hired W.C. Maloney as a demolition subcontractor.

This year-long project is ongoing and requires constant communication. As the superintendent on this project, Ron has direct communication with W.C. Maloney. It is imperative that this project stays on-time and on-budget, so the two companies meet to discuss day-to-day demolition ops, scheduling, and project management. Ron and W.C. Maloney work closely together to complete each phase on time.

When asked what W.C. Maloney does best, Ron stated “Attitude, customer relations, great work in the field.” He continues, “The people in the field are always a joy to be around. Good people all the way around. Never had anyone on my site say bad words about them. Love their manpower, and they’re just good people.”

Storie and Severson Construction offers dynamic pre-construction and construction services throughout the Western US. Learn more about them here.

Acme Construction

Based in Northern California, W.C. Maloney provides professional demolition, and their partner company PALS expertly tackles remediation.

Acme Construction is a General Contractor based out of Modesto that has worked with W.C. Maloney and PALS for at least fifteen years. According to Mike Mastagni, Vice President of Acme Construction, they probably hire both W.C. Maloney and PALS for 60-70% of Acme’s demolition and abatement work.

When asked why they frequently use W.C. Maloney and PALS for both demolition and remediation, Mike says, “Service is the number one reason. If we need something done by a certain time, it gets done. If there are issues that weren’t exactly the way something was bid, as long as something isn’t too overwhelming, they take care of it. They are very capable, but the thing that sets them apart is the service and attention to the customer.”

Recently, Acme Construction tackled a huge project in Tracy, where the entire campus of Central Elementary School needed to be replaced. Close to 100 years old, the crawl spaces of the existing buildings were filled with asbestos pipes. This asbestos required full abatement before demolition began. That’s where PALS came in. The PALS team crawled under the buildings to remove the asbestos pipe—and they did so with the highest safety standards.

To add to the complexity of this project, the school was the oldest in the town, so the district wanted to save the building’s historic exterior bricks. These red bricks proved extraordinarily difficult to remove in one piece. However, PALS carefully removed and cleaned 1,000 square feet of brick. School donors and town residents were given sanitary pieces of this historic building.

After abatement was complete, W.C. Maloney came in to demolish the buildings. Surrounded by homes and narrow streets, the campus was right in the center of town—not great conditions for demolition. However, W.C. Maloney brought in big trucks and equipment and disrupted neither the daily operations of students nor staff. This million-dollar project went off without a hitch.

When asked what W.C. Maloney and PALS do best, Mike says, “I depend on them really, both of them. Chuck Johnson from W.C. Maloney has been instrumental in our relationship with their company. When we’ve had issues with the state and labor rates, Chuck has worked them out.”

Chuck added, “Evan Lazar from PALS has a wealth of knowledge about asbestos abatement, and California rules. PALS has even given advice on other asbestos abatement projects they were not involved in.”

“Between the two of them, they’re not only knowledgeable, but honest and straightforward about how much something should cost and how something should be done. They are the type of people to help you be successful.”

Acme Construction Co., Inc. was founded in 1947 by Fred Mastagni and has remained in the family for three generations. As the leading General Contractor in the Modesto area, they have extensive experience in commercial and institutional construction.  Learn more about Acme Construction here.

C.T. Brayton and Sons

W.C. Maloney is Northern California’s premiere source for turnkey, professional demolition. Demolition jobs can be dangerous, so at W.C. Maloney, safety is the number one priority.

C.T. Brayton and Sons is a leading General Contractor in the San Joaquin Valley that has worked with W.C. Maloney for nearly 15 years. Ross Brayton, a Project Manager at C.T. Brayton and Sons, says, “The biggest thing in our industry is safety, and W.C. Maloney is always safe. They pride themselves on that and always making sure the job site is not a mess when they leave. Their work is cleanly done.”

Recently, C.T. Brayton and Sons hired W.C. Maloney for a project at Manteca High School. W.C. Maloney effectively demolished the school’s existing pool before C.T. Brayton and Sons came in to complete the remodel.

Although most of C.T. Brayton and Sons’ work is for local school districts, they also have industrial and medical projects—they frequently hire W.C. Maloney for those as well. W.C. Maloney excels at all sorts of demolition, from interior to exterior, concrete to asphalt, and more. According to Ross, “their team is professional, handles things well, and gets the job done.”

C.T. Brayton and Sons also utilizes W.C. Maloney’s partner company, PALS, for remediation. PALS expertly handles the removal of hazardous material and lead abatement.

When asked what both companies do best, Ross says, “Everything! From office and field staff to their safety program, they do a great job. W.C. Maloney and PALS take pride in their work and it shows. They’re great at what they do.”

C.T. Brayton and Sons is a leading General Engineering Building and Contractor in the San Joaquin Valley since 1946. Learn more about them here.